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Planning Insights

When planning your restoration project, it’s imperative that you involve a qualified architect during all phases of the project. By using an architect experienced in restoration work and familiar with historic restoration guidelines, you’ll find the path to receiving tax credits and grants much easier.


If you use an experienced and knowledgeable restoration contractor, your property will be cleaner, more waterproofed and aesthetically attractive, and will overall be protected for a longer period of time. Another benefit of using an experienced restoration contractor is the ability to leverage their existing relationships with State and Federal Historic Preservation Specialists. These relationships are critical when resolving issues or unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the duration of a project.

There is a myriad of materials that are available on the market. Knowing what material to use for what application is critical. The wrong cleaning solution on the wrong substrate can burn or etch the historic canvas of your building beyond repair. Conversely to this, using the right chemical and the right procedure can significantly speed up the process of cleaning your building, which in the end saves money and yields better results.

Finally, once a material has been selected and a procedure has been outlined, it’s extremely important that a good quality control program be put into place. Before the project even starts. This program should be followed throughout the duration of the project without exception, because it will ensure you’ll get what you pay for in regards to consistency, continuity, quality and timeliness.

Here at MCM Restoration Company, we’d like you to know that we’d be happy to visit with you about your upcoming project and answer any questions you may have about procedures and products. Feel free to give us a call at 800-828-8971.



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